Pokemon Team Rocket Unlimited Booster Pack

Pokemon Cards Team Rocket Unlimited  Booster Packs

Pokemon Team Rocket Booster Pack

The Team Rocket, released in April, 2000. This is the fifth set, coming after Base Set 2 and before Gym Heroes. Its symbol is the R, which is the Team Rocket organization's symbol and can be seen on practically everything that comes from them. This set introduced the Dark Pokémon, Pokémon controlled by the Team Rocket organization. Dark Pokemon in this set are able to use low amounts of Energy to attack but suffer from low hit points--that is, they're quick to power up but can just as quickly be brought down. This proved unpopular with competitive play, and Dark Pokemon would not show a strong presence until the set's sequel released many years later, Team Rocket Returns, with its Hit Points problem fixed.

Pokemon Team Rocket Booster Pack : Very Rare $21.99 each

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